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Foothill Middle School

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Foothill Halloween Costume Rules 

during Distance Learning, 2020

As fun as this will be, please support our SOAR values: 

  • The costume you select should not portray a stereotyped image of a culture or group of people. 

  • Costumes should not be offensive to any racial, ethnic or religious group, any people with disabilities or illnesses, or any other group of people.

Here are a few rules to keep in mind as you plan for Halloween:

  • Foothill dress code is still in effect on October 30th, 6th period, our Halloween Celebration time.  

  • You may wear a hat with your costume, but it cannot BE your costume.

  • No masks! (Students may have partially painted faces but not completely covered)

  • Keep it G rated!

  • You must be able to participate in class. 

  • Put your costume on prior to starting your 6th period class.

  • DO NOT display anything that remotely resembles a weapon of any kind: no toy guns, fake knives, pretend swords or any pretend weapons.  Consequences may occur.

  • Costumes should not include items with sound effects, lights or other components which would disrupt the classroom learning environment. 

  • Any questions?  Ask your teacher before Halloween!

Remote Learning Schedule
Remote Learning Schedule
Food Resources in Contra Costa County

For many of our families, food insecurity is an overwhelming reality.  Below is a list of food resources and tools for finding food in our surrounding community.

Food Distribution Map
Contra Costa and Solano County Food Bank
Contra Costa County Emergency Food Services
Trinity Center
Monument Crisis Food Distribution 
Monument Crisis Food Distribution Dates


Contra Costa County Libraries

The Contra Costa libraries are here to support the families of our community. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a parent they have a number of resources that everyone can access from home with their library card.

If you don’t have a library card, you can sign up for an e-card online.

Online resources: There are items for early learners (Ages 2-8) through college students.


Shop at Amazon and a donation will be made to Foothill's PFA.