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Cell Phone Use on Rainy Days
Posted 12/1/19

When the Blacktop is closed during the school day, cell phones will be permitted for use.

  1. Cell phones are the student’s responsibility. (The school is not responsible for any damage that may occur during its use.)
  2. NO amplified music (you must use a form of headphones). 
  3. NO pictures or video of anyone--including yourself. 
  4. Phones should be silent.
  5. Do not post on Social Media. 
  6. ALL students must continue to follow the MDUSD Responsible Use Policy. 

For any violation of the above rules, the phone will be turned into the administration and a parent will need to pick it up. For repeat occurrences progressive consequences may include, but not be limited to, lunch detention and suspension of all electronic use on campus during the school day.