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Information re: Math Advancement for 7th & 8th gr for 2023-2024 school year
Posted 2/27/23

Placement into the advanced math classes (Accelerated Math 7 and Algebra) is based on multiple measures as defined by the District. The measures that will be used are determined by the district and will be completed in the Spring in addition to the previous year’s CAASPP scores, and current grades. This is the case for all schools within the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. With the multiple measures determination will not be completed until after this school year has completed. Notification of the class will be via the assigned class in August.


Grades are appropriate for demonstrating learning but it cannot be a sole indicator for readiness for the curriculum in an advanced math class. This is especially true as students assess for mastery, at times allowing them to retest multiple times to increase their grades. We need to make sure the skills that they are demonstrating are enduring which is why assessments are utilized as well.


One of the assessments utilized is the MDTP Readiness Test (a diagnostic testing program created from UC San Diego) which is a reliable indicator to assess essential topics needed for success in the CA Common Core State Standards for a particular math level. Both advanced math classes need to have students mastered the essential topics so they will be prepared for the accelerated content and pace of the course.


Once the 2023-2024 school year begins the math teachers will provide a diagnostic assessment as well as monitoring performance to see if any shifts need to happen from growth that has occurred or was not fully demonstrated. After the school year has begun you may reach out to your student’s math teacher and express your wish for advancement. They will then monitor closely any shift that may need to occur.


Please also know that taking Math 7 does not prohibit their ability to demonstrate their readiness at the end of the year for any advanced class offered in 8th grade.